CouchDB: restore deleted documents

This is a python based approach to restore deleted documents from couchdb if you have not compacted the database already. The following code snipped is based on this solution.


import httplib
import json

SERVER_URL = 'localhost:5984' # host address
FILE_NAME = 'deleted.json' # one line in deleted.json: id,rev\n (comma-seperatet id and rev of deleted doc one line each)
DB_NAME = 'db' #database name

conn = httplib.HTTPConnection(SERVER_URL)

def count_lines(filename):
    lines = 0
    for line in open(filename):
        lines += 1
    return lines

with open(FILE_NAME) as file:
	i = 0
	count = count_lines(FILE_NAME)
	for line in file:
		i += 1
		print 'Document [{}/{}]'.format(i,count)
		doc = line.split(',')
		id = doc[0]
		rev = doc[1].rstrip()
		#empty doc
		uri = '/{}/{}?rev={}'.format(DB_NAME, id, rev)
		body = '{}'
		headers = {"Content-type": "application/json"}
		print uri
		conn.request("PUT", uri, body, headers)
		r = conn.getresponse()
		#get old rev
		uri = '/{}/{}?revs_info=true'.format(DB_NAME, id)
		conn.request("GET", uri)
		print uri
		r = conn.getresponse()
		obj = json.loads(
		oldRev = obj['_revs_info'][2]['rev'].encode("utf-8")
		print oldRev
		currentRev = obj['_revs_info'][0]['rev'].encode("utf-8")
		print currentRev
		#get old doc
		uri = '/{}/{}?rev={}'.format(DB_NAME, id, oldRev)
		print uri
		conn.request("GET", uri)
		r = conn.getresponse()
		doc =
		#restore old doc
		uri = '/{}/{}?rev={}'.format(DB_NAME, id, currentRev)
		print uri
		body = doc.replace(oldRev, currentRev)
		headers = {"Content-type": "application/json"}
		conn.request("PUT", uri, body, headers)
		r = conn.getresponse()

Ein Gedanke zu „CouchDB: restore deleted documents

  1. Diana


    It seems that this code works if you want to switch a document to a previous version. However, if it was deleted, it fails on the step where you try to save an empty document with an update conflict. Do you have an idea why this happens?

    Thanks and kind regards,


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